Kalpana earrings (Lördag 13-16) (2019)

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The motif was inspired by India and the rich history of its province Rhajasthan, the land of maharaja and maharani. I chose the name after the first astronaut of Indian origin, Kalpana Chavla, who was an engineer and a robotic arm operator. The motif (which is really versatile, can be used on its own for smaller earrings, as a pendant or as part of a bigger necklace) was paired with a long, elegant tassel to enhance the Indian feeling.
You will work with the newest Ginko beads and pair them with some old time favourites. You will learn to bead a flower which you can incorporate into different projects, and attach a long, elegant tassel to the bottom.

The kit includes enough material for a pair of earrings complete with tassels and earring hooks. If you wish, you can also make two necklaces instead – one for yourself and one for a friend. The instructions for the bail will be included in the instructions.

It’s good to have experience working with 2-hole beads, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

To bring: Bead mat, needle #12, Fireline 4lb, lamp, thread for the fringe (for example Sonoko beading thread)

Price: 67 Euro