Cleopatra royal (Torsdag 18-21) (2019)

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Are you in search of a relaxing project, but with an eye-catching, regal result? Then Cleopatra Royal was made for you!
You will use some basic shapes of 2-hole beads, so this is a great finger exercise if it's your first time working with multi-hole beads, and a relaxing project if you are a more experienced beader. Isn't it what we need in the middle of a beading retreat?!

The design can be as modest or as dominant as you want. You can stop after only one row and enjoy having a slender, everyday piece perfect for a day at work, or go on and on until you have 3-rows and add Swarovski beads into every possible gap to have a jewel fit for a fancy night out.
What's your choice?

Price: 45 Euro

To Bring: Bead mat, needle #12, Fireline 4lb, lamp.