Bead a turtle (Fredag 18-21) (2019)

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Bead a turtle - save a turtle!

Estefan is a happy fellow who loves nature, especially the Dutch countryside. He is the happiest when he can hop on his bike to get out of the city. He loves to take pictures of windmills, bleat back at the baby sheep in the spring and stops to look at the ducklings swimming on the canals. He would love to see Sweden and Stockholm, too, and is looking forward to making new friendships!

Estefan is working for a good cause: part of the profit from every turtle tutorial, kit, and workshop goes towards the Scuba Junkie Turtle Sanctuary in Mabul, Borneo.

Beading Estefan is a great way to start or exercise bead embroidery. We will work with basic embroidery stitches and learn an easy way of attaching cabochons with pointy back to Ultra Suede. The turtle can become a brooch or a pendant, it's up to you. There will be five different kits (Estefan, Susanna, Lisa, Inge, and Atkins) available, and plenty of cabochons to choose from!

The class will be held in English.

Price: 47 Euro

To Bring: Bead mat, needle #11-12, Fireline 4 lb, lamp