2019 års masterclass-lärare är ingen mindre än den begåvade Erika Sándor, Amsterdam!
Masterclass-anmälan är nu öppen här

Erika Sándor

Anmälan till alla masterclasses sker via Beadalong, men betalningen sker i år direkt till Erika via en länk som du får när du har anmält dig. Hör av dig till om du behöver hjälp med något kring betalningen. För att kunna delta i Erikas masterclasses måste du vara deltagare på Beadalong och ha betalat din deltagaravgift. En länk till anmälningsformuläret kommer att finnas här när anmälan öppnar 5/6 kl. 18.

Alla Erikas kurser kommer att hållas på engelska och har 12 deltagarplatser per tillfälle.

Besök dessa länkar för att få se mer av hennes vackra arbeten och intressanta texter kring pärlor och pärlkonst:

About the artist
In 2008 Erika Sándor was starting on a promising career of a linguist / fiction writer. Then she bought her first beads and left it promptly behind, to co-found the first bead shop in Slovakia. She ran the place for six years, designed jewels and taught beading classes.

In 2015 Erika moved to Amsterdam and decided to pursue a full-time career of a beadwork designer and teacher. She loves to play with shaped beads and to create new, distinctive colour combinations. Her designs are inspired by distant countries, literature and beads themselves.

Her mission is to attract more attention to beadwork and to participate in creating a friendly, inclusive and ethical beadworld for everyone. Erika is a member of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad, and was a group-finalist of the Battle of the Beadsmith. In 2018 she self-published her first e-book and sold nearly 200 copies in the first month.
You can follow her work and read her articles about beading at

Join her private mailing list at to get notified of new designs, articles and promotions!

Poppy fields necklace
Torsdag 19/9 kl 13-16 platser kvar

The class will be held in English.

Poppy fields 1

The Poppy Fields necklace is the perfect project if you decided to take the next step during your beading journey. This piece is built up from several multi-layered flowers using the newest two-hole glass beads.

It is a great finger exercise if you want to get comfortable with beading multi-layered components. Learn how to connect the flowers into a bigger structure and assemble a full beaded necklace without the need to use metal elements!

The kit (included in the price) contains enough material for a full necklace.
Material: Swarovski Elements beads, high quality glass cabochons, Czech glass beads, Japanese Miyuki seed beads.

Prerequisite: experience working with 2-hole beads, Peyote bezel.

Price: 110 Euro

To Bring: Bead mat, needle #12, Fireline 4lb, lamp.

Cleopatra royal
Torsdag 19/9 kl 18-21 FULL
Fredag 20/9 kl 13.30-16.30 platser kvar

Cleopatra royal
The class will be held in English.

Are you in search of a relaxing project, but with an eye-catching, regal result? Then Cleopatra Royal was made for you!
You will use some basic shapes of 2-hole beads, so this is a great finger exercise if it's your first time working with multi-hole beads, and a relaxing project if you are a more experienced beader. Isn't it what we need in the middle of a beading retreat?!

The design can be as modest or as dominant as you want. You can stop after only one row and enjoy having a slender, everyday piece perfect for a day at work, or go on and on until you have 3-rows and add Swarovski beads into every possible gap to have a jewel fit for a fancy night out.
What's your choice?

Price: 45 Euro

To Bring: Bead mat, needle #12, Fireline 4lb, lamp.

Pomegranate bracelet
Fredag 20/9 kl 9-12 2 platser kvar

Pomegranate 1

This is the perfect project for you if you would like to test your beading skills or take your experience with Cubic Right Angle Wave to the next level. The bracelet is built up from interconnected CRAW and PRAW units, while there are spiky pyramid beads (the thorns of pomegranate) and Cubic Zirconia cabochons (the seeds of the fruit) sitting on top of them.

The kit (included in the price) contains enough material for a full XL size bracelet. If you like bracelets with a clasp, you will need to add your own closure. Material: Cubic Zirconia cabochons, Czech glass beads, Japanese Miyuki seed beads. Kits will be available in at least 3 different colours, with the possibility to purchase Cubic Zirconia cabochons in more colours.

Prerequisite: experience with CRAW (Cubic Right Angle Wave) or PRAW (Prismatic Right Angle Wave).

Price: 85 Euro

To Bring: Bead mat, needle #12, Fireline 4lb, lamp.

Bead a turtle
Fredag 20/9 kl 18-21 platser kvar

Bead a turtle
Bead a turtle - save a turtle!

Estefan is a happy fellow who loves nature, especially the Dutch countryside. He is the happiest when he can hop on his bike to get out of the city. He loves to take pictures of windmills, bleat back at the baby sheep in the spring and stops to look at the ducklings swimming on the canals. He would love to see Sweden and Stockholm, too, and is looking forward to making new friendships!

Estefan is working for a good cause: part of the profit from every turtle tutorial, kit, and workshop goes towards the Scuba Junkie Turtle Sanctuary in Mabul, Borneo.

Beading Estefan is a great way to start or exercise bead embroidery. We will work with basic embroidery stitches and learn an easy way of attaching cabochons with pointy back to Ultra Suede. The turtle can become a brooch or a pendant, it's up to you. There will be five different kits (Estefan, Susanna, Lisa, Inge, and Atkins) available, and plenty of cabochons to choose from!

The class will be held in English.

Price: 47 Euro

To Bring: Bead mat, needle #11-12, Fireline 4 lb, lamp

Antoinette earrings
Lördag 21/9 kl. 9-12 platser kvar

The Antoinette earrings are elegant and playful at the same time. They are perfect for an evening out, but also to school or work. You will bead a simple construction for this elongated beaded bead and learn how to attach Preciosa rhinestone chains (cupchains) for that extra sparkle.

The kit (included in the price) contains enough material for a pair of earrings.


To bring: Bead mat, needle #12, Fireline 4lb, lamp.

Price: 49 Euro

Kalpana earrings
Lördag 21/9 kl 13-16 platser kvar

The motif was inspired by India and the rich history of its province Rhajasthan, the land of maharaja and maharani. I chose the name after the first astronaut of Indian origin, Kalpana Chavla, who was an engineer and a robotic arm operator. The motif (which is really versatile, can be used on its own for smaller earrings, as a pendant or as part of a bigger necklace) was paired with a long, elegant tassel to enhance the Indian feeling.

You will work with the newest Ginko beads and pair them with some old time favourites. You will learn to bead a flower which you can incorporate into different projects, and attach a long, elegant tassel to the bottom.

The kit includes enough material for a pair of earrings complete with tassels and earring hooks. If you wish, you can also make two necklaces instead – one for yourself and one for a friend. The instructions for the bail will be included in the instructions.

It’s good to have experience working with 2-hole beads, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

To bring: Bead mat, needle #12, Fireline 4lb, lamp, thread for the fringe (for example Sonoko beading thread)

Price: 67 Euro

Anmälan till alla masterclasses sker via länken som kommer att finnas överst på denna sida från och med 5/6 kl 18.00.