Galleri Tävling 3 - My Story

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Ulla Edenmark

Motivering: The bluebird cleared its throat importantly. "This is the sapphire Tara, originally brought to this country by your great grandfather. When dark times came, we the bluebirds were ordained the guardians of the stone, until such time as it could be safely returned to your family. You, Sophia, will soon need its protection, as your heritage and the hour of confrontation approaches. Will you accept the challenge and be a force for light and love in these difficult times?"

Sophia, feeling a bit numb, understood for the first time why she had felt like she had been waiting for something, all her life. She slowly stretched out her hand and picked up the jewel. With a happy chirp, the bluebird took wing.

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Ellinor Hellhoff

Motivering: If you pay attention to your surroundings, you have the opportunity to experience the beauty that exists in both people and nature. Small details as well as grand features inhabits beauty. Just waiting to be discovered by the ones who have an open mind, ready to make new experiences.

Use this drop as a reminder of how important it is to enjoy the moment we have right now. Let it be, like a seed, the start of the things that bring joy.

Who knows what tomorrow brings.....

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Sara Lilja

Motivering: I have a message from your cat Cosmos that left you all too soon, just at the age of 2 human years!

Cosmos says: The minute I crossed the rainbow bridge my pain was all gone! I am so happy here even if I miss you mommy so don't cry for me anymore, I want you to be happy. I watch you and I am so happy too see you have my sister and 2 of my brothers that keep you busy all day. I also met your cats Boster and Baloo up here and we play all day long and they are so happy too. Love and miss you mommy, it's ok to move on now. I know I left paw print in your heart. Sophia looked on the windowsill and there is the charm with a paw print that Cosmos had in his necklace...

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Marianske Van der Horst


"Wear this jewel for good luck and protection. The labradorite will change colours to tell you when danger is near. It will give you the courage to face and conquer any difficulties you may encounter. Take good care of it and it will take good care of you."

Katalin Dudas

Motivering: The bird would sing a song with lyrics:

"It was so easy to laugh with you

It was so simple to look at you

You made it possible

By being beautiful

So incredible

Truly wonderful"

Cheryl Jackson

Motivering: If the little bluebird could speak here is what they would have said:

"This jewel is to be added to the other jewels I have bought you before, my friend. They each represent a kindness you have done for me. When you put out seed for me, fill the bird bath or nurse my injuries; your heart is filled with kindness like a jewel is filled with sparkles when the light falls on it. Sometimes the jewels are different sizes, shapes and colours just like the kindnesses you do can be different but they all add to the kindness and sparkle of your heart. Thank you for being my kind friend."