Bumble bee


A necklace in three parts: flower, bumble bee and CRAW chain (cubic right angle weave). During the workshop, we will work with the necklace just as it is shown in the picture, but if you want to you can choose to use the different parts separately later on, or exchange for example the bumble bee to a drop or the CRAW chain to a faster chain made out of fresh water pearls.

We will not be able to finish the whole necklace during the workshop, mainly because the chain takes time, but we will make shure to go through all the important steps so you will be able to finish it on your own.


2 Tear drop 9x11 mm Jet laser matte wing
1 6 mm dobble bead (kan i nödfall bytas ut mot en 5 mm RoundDuo)
1 Glass cup button
10 Arcos par Puca
1 rivoli 12 mm
11 3 mm runda
6 kite beads
21 11/0
6 grams 15/0
1 small magnetic clasp

To bring: 

Beading needle #12
Lamp/good lighting
Beading mat
Fireline 6 lb

Prior knowledge: 
Experience of reading patterns and working with seed beads is required.
Print the pattern on paper or have it ready on another screen beside you. Prepare lamp, beading mat, needle, thread, scissors/zapper and the beads we will use. If you get the beads on your own make sure that you have the right beads and the right amount.
120 minutes
Price, excluding kit: 
80 SEK including pdf pattern and tutor fee
Price for the kit: 
180 SEK within Sweden, no shipping abroad
Swish, Card payment, Paypal