It is always inspiring to try something new! You will have the opportunity to attend up to four workshops during Beadalong. They tend to be very popular, so make sure to sign up for your favourites as soon as you can after the sign up form is released. That way you will have biggest chance possible to get your choices.

General information
Most of the workshops are 60 minutes long, with a 30 minute break before the next one so that the teacher will have time to gather the material and the next one can prepare for her workshop. The time is seldom enough to finish a project but shall be seen as an introduction and inspiration so that you can continue working with the new techniques on your own. Most of the workshop teachers are also Beadalong participants.
Once the workshops are released they can be seen in the schedule.

You bring the material you need for every workshop yourself, unless you are informed otherwise. Some workshops have mandatory kits. You can see what you need in the description of every workshop.

When the workshop teacher have mandatory kits, you pay them cash directly on site right before the workshop starts (unless otherwise is agreed). The time for each workshop is valuable, so make sure to bring even change. If you do not show up at a workshop where kit is mandatory you are obligated to buy your kit anyway.

Sometimes the teacher need to contact the participants before the workshop, for example to be able to prepare the kits for each participant. You can see which workshops they are by reading the descriptions. The teachers can contact the participants via their users page here on on the site.

Sign up
To sign up for the workshop you use the form under Workshops/Sign up to workshops in the menu. It opens preliminary August 21 at 8.00 p.m.
Each participant can sign up for up to four workshops. Of course you do not have to choose four workshops if you don't want to. You choose them in order of priority (first, second and so on).
You can not email your choices to us or directly to the teachers. All singning up is made with the sign up form.

The sign up form closes at August 28 at 8 p.m. and we will go through the sign up forms in the order we have received them.
We distribute the first choices as far as we can. (If you don't get the first choice, you get the second choice if possible.) After that, we go through the forms again and distribute the second choices, and then the third and finally the fourth choice.


  • Signup is binding
  • In the workshops where you buy kits from the teacher, this is payed in cache at the start of the workshop unless otherwise agreed. Bring exact change!
  • Be prepared. Check that you bring the material needed and have prepared adequately.
  • Be there on time! The workshop starts at the given time and will not await latecomers!