Terms and conditions

Participant fee
950 SEK for visitors who also order accommodation.
1050 SEK for visitors who do not order accommodation

Registration is binding and the fee will not be refunded.
Free coffee and ice cream from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for all participants.

Accommodation and food in Quality Hotel Winn in Haninge
Food can possibly be bought on the hotel but will have a higher price than if you have pre-booked through us. It is not allowed to bring your own food to the hotel and eat it there.

Breakfast is included when you book accommodation.

All hotel rooms, the big beading room, bead shops and workshop rooms are in the same building.

If you want to share room with somebody, you have to have a room mate BEFORE you sign up. Have in mind that your room mate has to stay the same nights.

(Excluding participant's fee) Price per person:
Accommodation in single room 735 SEK/night
Accommodation in double room 468 SEK/night
Accommodation in three bed room 379 SEK/night
Accommodation in room with four beds 334 SEK/night

When you sign up you tell us how many nights you are staying and who you are sharing room with. If you want a double room but don't have a room mate we will do our best to find you a person to share with, but be prepared to stay in a single room if we don't succeed to match you with another participant.

All meals can be ordered separately when you sign up. The prices are per meal.

Lunch with two hot dishes (one being a vegetarian dish), sallad, bread, coffee. 230 SEK
Dinner with three hot dishes (one being a vegetarian dish), sallad, bread, coffee. 240 SEK
Coffee/tea and a sandwich in the evening 85 SEK. (Available wednesday, thursday and friday)
On saturday evening we celebrate our 5 years with dainty sandwiches and non alcoholic cider! If you want champagne/cava you can buy it yourself in the bar (or where the hotel serves it). The dainty sandwiches are 95 SEK for three pieces. The non alcoholic cider is a treat from Beadalong for all participants.

If you choose to eat all lunches, dinners and evening fika from thursday, the total cost is 1905 SEK (4 lunches, 3 dinners, 3 evening fika).

Cancellation insurance
Cancellation insurance 100 SEK
With cancellation insurance you can cancel your booking up to 16 days before the event and get a refund for food and accommodation at the hotel. Note that the participant fee will not be refunded.

Terms for participants
You register to Beadalong with the sign up form that will be released [variable:beadalong_signup_date]. You can find it under Participants/Sign up in the menu.
You will get a confirmation on your registration within a week. Please contact kerstin@beadalong.se if you have NOT received the confirmation e-mail within a week.
Registration is binding. You will have an invoice on the participant's fee (950/1050 SEK) that shall be paid [variable:beadalong_registration_due_date]. The participant's fee is not refundable.
If the payment is not made in time, you risk losing your spot to the next person in line on the list.
Due day for the accommodation and food is [variable:beadalong_accommodation_due_date]. After this date, when full payment shall be us at hand, a medical certificate is needed for eventual cancellation unless you have chosen cancellation insurance when you signed up. With cancellation insurance you can cancel your booking up to 16 days before the event and get a refund for food and accommodation at the hotel.

By registering as a participant with the sign up form you certify that you have read and approved these conditions, and that we have the right to store the personal data you give when you sign up. Your personal data will not be used in any other purpose than administration around Beadalong.

It will be possible to shop from bead shops on the site. No other selling than this is allowed during Beadalong, apart from workshop kits and patternas to this years' workshops, and patterns from this years master class teachers and sponsors.

The organizer do not take responsibility for materials or valuables. We do see to that the big bead room is locked when no one is there, for example during the nights. We recommend to bring your cell phone and wallet when you leave your beading place to eat, attend a workshop etc.

Do you have any questions? Email kerstin@beadalong.se.

With kind regards,
Kerstin Kallin, organizer of Beadalong