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The prices for the different packs are including Swedish VAT. Gift certificates / lottery prizes are sent directly to the winners.
Gold sponsor
  • Prize sponsoring for a contest of 1000 SEK, plus shipping. The prizes can be gift certificates or pearls. You are very welcome to sponsor a contest! The pre-contests have a higher prize value (1000 SEK + 700 SEK + 400 SEK).
  • You may add lottery prizes or gift certificates and/or a pattern of your own design to all participants if you want to. The prizes will be shipped to the winners directly, i.e. not through Kerstin.
  • One participant fee is included for all gold sponsors!
Silver sponsor
  • 4 lottery prizes or gift certificates of 150 SEK each, plus shipping or Patterns of your own design to all participants.
Bronze sponsor
  • Lottery prizes, including shipping. The number of prizes and their value is up to you, but the total value should be at least 400 SEK.
Other sponsorship
The participant fee is included for gold sponsors. For other levels of sponsorship the participant fee is like any other participant.
Please tick if you want to sponsor a contest. Gold sponsors mark if they want to sponsor a pre-contest or a regular contest. The value or the prizes for a regular contest should be at least 400 SEK + 300 SEK + 150 SEK per contest. Each contest also has a lottery prize of 150 SEK. If you want to sponsor more, that's obviously fine! The pre-contests will have a higher prize value: 1000 SEK, 700 SEK and 400 SEK. The prize shall be sent directly to the winners and shipping is taken care of by the sponsor. We are very grateful for all the sponsoring, it really gets the creativity going!
Tick if you want to give a workshop
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Would you like to help with something else? Do you a have any questions or feedbak? Please write a line here!
Would your company like to give a gift certificate or some other offer before Beadalong starts?

Thank you for considering sponsoring Beadalong!

You will get an email confirmation. If you haven't received your confirmation within a day, please contact us on kerstin@beadalong.se. When you have sent your logotypes they will be uploaded to www.beadalong.se as soon as possible and after you will get a presentation on Beadalong's Facebook page. We would prefer to have your logotypes two days before registration opens, which is . Please send us logotypes in the formats 240x120 pixlar and 2000x1000 pixels in .jpg, .gif or .png format.