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Sponsor Beadalong
All prices are in Swedish Krona (SEK) including swedish VAT (25%). The cost is billed when you have signed up. You send the lottery prizes or gift cards by mail, and they will not be billed of course.
Gold sponsor
  • 2000:-
  • 5 gift cards for your webbshop for 400 SEK each or 5 lottery prizes to a sales value of 400 SEK each

Gold sponsors will also be offered the possibility to sponsor a contest, as well as the possibility to sell beads on site (Cost for the room is added, 4600 SEK). However, a place can not be guaranteed.

Six of the gold sponsors will be given the opportunity to have a shop on the venue.
Silver sponsor
  • 1500 SEK
  • 5 gift cards for your webbshop for 300 SEK each or 5 lottery prizes to a sales value of 300 SEK each or 185 patterns of your own design
Bronze sponsor
  • 1250 SEK
Other sponsorship
This option does not grant you a prioritized spot at the event
Each sponsor has one prioritized spot as a participant on the event, if the invoice is payed before the signup opens. The participation fee is the same as for other participants.
The value of the prizes shall be at least 500, 300 and 150 SEK per contest. If you want to sponsor for a bigger value, of course you can! The pre-contests will have a higher value of the prizes: 1000, 700 and 400 SEK. We choose which sponsors can sponsor the contests among those who have declared an interest.
We'll get in touch with you regarding the workshop
Describe the workshop you would like to give.
Bronze sponsors are allowed to sell their own patterns and hand made items like lamp work in the beading hall during Beadalong. Specify if you want to sell something and if so what.
Would you like to help with something else? Do you have questions or feedback? Write us a line!

Thank you for sponsoring us!
You will get a confirmation e-mail for your submission. If you don't get a confirmation within a day, please contact us on kerstin@beadalong.se.
When you've payed the invoice and sent us your logos they will be put up on www.beadalong.se and presented on Facebook.
To maximize your exposure we need your logo and full payment two days before the sign-up opens. This year Beadalong will open for registrations 2019-05-05 16:00:00.
We need your logo in 240x120 pixels and 2000x1000 pixels in .jpg, .gif or .png.