As a visitor at Beadalong you will get

  • The possibility to attend the wonderful digital workshops that will be held during the week end. They are given via Zoom and are between 60 and 120 minutes long. For more info, see workshops.
  • Digital rooms where you can bead together with the other participants
  • The possibility to enter the contests that will be arranged under the week end. Very nice prizes! All contest have prizes for 1-3 place, and also a raffle prize that one of the other contenders win.
  • Pdf beading tutorials from the sponsors.
  • Discount coupons from some of our sponsoring bead shops (mainly in Sweden).
  • Some lucky participants will win raffle prizes that are given by our sponsors.

To attend the bead meet you pay a participant fee. For everyone who is 16 years or more, it costs 130 SEK. For juniors 11-15 years old it costs 50 SEK. (1 Euro is roughly 10 SEK). In addition to the participant fee, you pay for the workshops you go directly to the workshop teacher. The materials you need can sometimes be bought as a kit, or you can get it yourself before Beadalong starts. Younger children can sign up if there is a grown up ready to sit next to the child and help during the workshops. Please note that all junior workshops are held in Swedish only.

You don't have to be an experienced beader to join Beadalong, but you have to know enough to work by yourself from home.