New on Beadalong

Is it your first time on Beadalong? Join the rookie fika!

On the rookie fika you can meet other rookies, get information especially for you who are new and get a chance to ask questions in a relaxed and informal way. The veteran Katalin Dudas will take you under her coffee scented wings and guide you in the beadmeet djungle. You sign up via the workshop sign up form, but you can also sign up on when you arrive on site.

Meet up next to the ice cream one floor up when the rookie fika starts. If you want to, you can join both the first and second fika.

Some experienced beadalongers will take turns to be hosts in the big bead room. They have a Beadalong apron on. Please ask them if you need help to find a place to sit or have other questions when you arrive!

You can find a lot of information both on this website and in the folder you get when you arrive about how everything works on the bead meet. A lot of people have participated many times before, so don't be afraid to ask anyone of the beaders if you have questions.

A heartfelt welcome to you!