We are happy and proud to present the three wonderful masters of 2018's classes:
Anna Lindell and Olga Vinnere Pettersson from Sweden, and Frauke Gugat, Germany.

More info about the masterclasses will be found here soon.

Frauke's masterclasses will be held in English. Olga Vinnere Petterssons and Anna Lindells classes will be held in Swedish or English, depending on what the students needs.

Visit these links to see more of the masters stunning work:

Frauke Gugat

Frauke Gugat

Frauke Gugat (Germany) fell in love with beading in 2006. Her interest was sparked by the endless possibilities to give structure and life to the tiniest seed beads. This approach is ever since reflected in her pieces which are often three-dimensional, combining several elements with an underlying structure of Cubic RAW, Peyote or Herringbone.

Thursday 2018-10-04 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.: Frosted flower, Frauke Gugat
The class will be held in English.

Frosted flower - Frauke Gugat

Stitch this interesting necklace and deepen your skills in Cubic RAW and RAW. We will mainly work with classic 11/0 and 15/0 seedbeads, learn how to join our elements at various angles and also more about the right thread tension. If you want, you can easily form the elements into bracelets or earrings, too.

Level: advanced, basic knowledge of Cubic Right Angle Weave is required

Price: 700:-
Included in the price is 1 kit for the necklace; the kit contains all the beads and the clasp.

Kits are available in 4 colours: white/grey, white/yellow, turquoise and grey/red (price of extra kit 25,00 €)

To Bring: size 0,15 beading thread (Nymo/One-G/ Miyuki) or Fireline; size 12 needle; scissors; beading mat

Anna Lindell

Anna Lindell loves to create innovative pearl designs inspired of animals and nature in her brand Tigerguld. Her designs can be found in magazines and pearl shops. She was previously a Starman TrendSetter and is now a member of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. Lately, Anna gives fun courses on fairs all around Europe. This year she also does the Bead & Button show in USA and will be ambassador for the International Beading Week in July.

Thursday 2018-10-04 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.: Aim for the sky, Anna Lindell

Anna Lindell

Balloons symbolize joy and party for most of us and it feels amazing when you see an air balloon quietly soar over a clear summer evening sky. In this playful necklace we encase a colorful drop with Cali beads and seed beads, whilst learning the technique Modified Right Angle Weave (MRAW). The kit also includes a beautiful chain to hang the balloon on when it is finished

Prerequisites: You must be accustomed with sowing beads and be able to follow a design, since we will not be able to finish the jewelry during the course.
Course including the kit: 700 SEK.

The balloons are available in five colors: jeans blue, dusty pink, lavender, yellow or green apple. Extra kits are 300 SEK.

To bring: pearl mat, reading glasses and work light.

Signing up will be possible via link in top of this page later. The date will be published here and on Facebook as soon as it is set.

Olga Vinnere Pettersson

Olga Vinnere Pettersson

Olga was born in Latvia (at the time the Soviet Union), but lives since many years in Sweden. Her russion nanny taught her traditional needle work and embroidery when Olga was five years old. And she has been keeping it up ever since.

Pearling is Olga's passion and therapy. She loves combining different techniques and materials - pearls, stones, metal, leather and textiles. It is often the material that inspire her to do something new and unusual. Nature is another source of inspiration.

Olga has been a teacher on numerous international bead shows and will be giving classes at this year's Bead&Button Show in USA.

You can see more of her works here:

Torsdag 4/10 kl 18-21: Veronique, Olga Vinnare Pettersson

Här lär du dig att arbeta med soutache under handledning av ett proffs! Detta stora soutachehänge kombinerar skimret från soutachetråden med vackra cabuchoner och glittret från tjeckisk kristall.

Du kommer att lära dig:
Olga visar dig hur du arbetar med de flesta olika komponenterna i soutachearbeten:
- Att infatta olika former av kristallcabuchonermed soutache
- Att skapa platta fokus-element av soutache och strasskedja
- Att använda soutache för att göra tofsar av metallkedja
- Hur du avslutar hänget på ett snyggt sätt med backing.

Tålamod och viss erfarenhet av att arbeta med nål. Har du någonsin sytt fast en knapp, eller broderat något? Då har du tillräckliga förkunskaper för denna masterclass.

Hänget kommer inte att bli klart under kursen, men Olga ser till att du vet hur du avslutar arbetet innan kursen är slut. Hon visar också flera olika alternativ för att hur man kan hänga hänget i kedjor/band, etc.

Att ta med:
Pärlmatta, pärlnålar #12 (ta med flera då de kan gå av under arbetets gång), Fireline 4 lb (crystal), vass sax, E-6000 eller F-6000 eller motsvarande lim, arbetslampa, läsglasögon om du behöver. Massor av tålamod.
Kurs inklusive kit: 800:-