Information and tips

What do I need to have at home?
We all have different beading habits, some bead fast and big, others small and slowly. (Some of us do not bead at all, just mingles...) So how much you should bring is very individual, but some good-to-have-things are:

  • A basic range of beads and findings
  • Tools and aids (pliers, needles, glue etc.)
  • A bead mat
  • Working light (you don't have to bring extension cords, the hotel provides this)
  • Water bottle and/or thermos mug (of course optional, but it is a smart choice not to have open glasses or mugs near your computer or other screens)
  • Make sure you have everything you need for your workshops.

A few things to keep in mind

  • You decide, but we advice you not to drink coffee or other beverages in open mugs/glasses near your computer or other devices. It’s too easy for a mug to tip over.
  • Everybody doesn’t want to be photographed, so ask before you take pictures and/or share them with others.
  • This is a sponsored event and the stores on sight are the only one’s who are allowed to sell things. It is not okay for participants to bring things for sale, neither in the big bead room or in the hotel rooms. The workshop tutors are allowed to sell a few extra descriptions/kits from their workshops to other participants though.