Information and tips

Find the hotel
The address is Quality Hotel Winn in Haninge, Rudsjöterrassen 3, 13640 Haninge, Sweden.
Here is a map: Find the hotel

By car from Stockholm:
Go south from Stockholms central on highway no 73.

The hotel offers parking in a garage at a cost of 105 SEK per day. It is also possible to park on a car park right outside the hotel. Parking tickets are available in a parking meter. There is also a bus park here. It is not possible to prebook parking.

Public transportation by Roslagsbanan
Commuter train 42 towards Nynäshamn or 43 towards Krigslida / Västerhaninge. Exit the commuter train at station Handen.
The trip from Stockholm Central takes about 25 minutes. From Handen train station it's just 200 meters to the hotel.

What do I need to bring with me?
We all have different beading habits, some bead fast and big, others small and slowly. (Some of us do not bead at all, just mingles...) So how much you should bring is very individual, but some good-to-have-things are:

  • A basic range of beads and findings
  • Tools and aids (pliers, needles, glue etc.)
  • A bead mat
  • Working light (you don't have to bring extension cords, the hotel provides this)
  • Comfortable in-house shoes
  • Water bottle and/or thermos mug (cups without a lid is not allowed in the bead room)
  • Material and/or money to workshops if you are going. Make sure you have everything you need for your workshops and bring even money.
  • Money for shopping. Most of the shops accepts cards, but cash is good when you want to make a small purchase.
  • If you are staying the night on the hotel it might be good to hav a toothbrush and some trivial stuff like that too...

There is no need to panic if you have forgotten anything. You can buy a lot of things on site and the shops in Handen are not far away!

A few things to keep in mind

  • It is not allowed to eat brought food in the hotel dining room, conference area or public spaces (hotel rules). If you have missed booking meals it may not be possible to order a meal on sight, you have to go out to eat or eat at your hotel room.
  • Be kind to our allergic beaders, don’t wear perfume or other strong scents. No nuts or apples are allowed in the big bead room!
  • We don’t drink coffee or other beverages in open mugs/glasses at the tables in the bead room. It’s too easy for a mug to tip over. As there are table cloths on the tables, many people will have to be involved to move things if disaster strikes.
  • The bead room and the workshop rooms are “private areas”. That is extra important during Saturday, when the public are allowed to the shop room. It is not okay that “dear mom or my BFF” just want to take a peek. It is very important that everybody respect that! Therefore, wear your name tag visibly, it’s your access card to the big bead room. We are a lot of people at the event, both returning and newcomers, and besides the practical point to see everyone’s names, we also see that no un-authorized people are in the bead room.
  • You are allowed to bring things that fit in one standard grocery bag to the big bead room. No bags or other things are allowed along the walkways or in front of the white air-filters. If you bring more beads and supplies, you’re welcome to store it in your hotel room though. The limitations are for everyone’s comfort and security, as we are many participants on a limited area and have disabled people among us. Please respect this!
  • Everybody doesn’t want to be photographed, so ask before you take pictures and/or share them with others.
  • This is a sponsored event and the stores on sight are the only one’s who are allowed to sell things. It is not okay for participants to bring things for sale, neither in the big bead room or in the hotel rooms. The workshop tutors are allowed to sell a few extra descriptions/kits from their workshops to other participants though.

Handicap room
Unfortunately there is a limited number of handicap rooms. It will be first come first served, but we try to arrange so that everybody that has signed up can join us on Beadalong. Please write in the sign up form that you wish to have a handicap room and what it is that makes you need it (you don't have to closely describe your handicap but what you need in the room, like a higher bed, a toilet with room for a wheel chair etc.). Also tell us if you need a room close to the elevator.

Double rooms, three bed rooms and four bed rooms
If you don't have a room mate arranged before the sign up form is released but are willing to share room with someone you don't know, you can leave a note under Specific requests in the form. If possible, we will try to match you up with someone that has made the same choice. We can not guarantee that it can be done, but we try to make it as good as we can for everybody. When we can't make a match, we will book you in a single room instead. This also applies if the room mate you had in mind did not get a spot on Beadalong in time. If your room mate gets a spot later on through the reserve list we will try to get you a double room.