First time on a beading event

Is this your first Beadalong? Come to the rookie "fika"!

On the rookie fika you will meet other newcomers, get information directed to rookies and get a chance to pose questions in a smaller group. Veteran beader Monika Goj will guide you through the beading event. You will sign up via the workshop sign up form, but it's also possible to sign up on a list at the venue.

We'll meet at the ice cream station on the first floor. You are welcome to sign up to both occasions.

Friday at 2 p.m.
Saturday at 1.30 pm (directly after the general meeting in the main hall)

Some of the experienced beaders will take turn as hostesses in the main hall. They will wear an apron with Beadalong written on it. Feel free to ask them anything if you need some help finding a spot or have any other questions!