Becoming a sponsor

To be able to create a perfect bead event, we turn to you to sponsor the arrangement. This is a chance for you to show yourself and your assortment for dedicated participants and over 880 Facebook followers.

The bead events are important for keeping the interest for the hobby alive, get new inspiration and gives the beaders a chance to discover new techniques and materials. This year will be special since it will be the first time Beadalong will be purely digital.

The sooner you sign up as sponsors, the sooner your logo will be visible on the web page. Don't miss the opportunity to be seen by the big crowd that will visit our web page when we release the sign up form and the workshops!

What do you get as a sponsor?

- An advertising space on Your logo in size 120 x 60 pixels in the right column here on the Beadalong website with a direct link to your webpage. Your logo will be visible on all pages of the website. The logo will be added as soon as the invoice has been payed.

- Your logo and link in the welcome pdf-booklet that all participants get.

- Facebook exposure.

- The possibility to send discount codes to the participants, if you wish.

- The organizer will also tell the beaders several times how important our sponsors are during our gatherings.

- Possibility to address an offer to our participants via Facebook.

The sponsors will be presented in the different categories with the gold sponsors at the top, and then silver, bronze and other below in that order.

We ask you to send your logo as soon as possible to
The logo shall be motionless in sizes 240 x 120 pixels and 2000 x 1000 pixels
We will add your logo and link as soon as the payment and logo has reached us.

The sponsor packs
The cost of the different packs is including Swedish VAT (25%). You send the lottery prizes or gift cards by mail and it is the sponsor who will pay the shipping.
Gold sponsorship also includes the participant fee.


* Prize sponsoring for a contest with a total value of 1000 SEK, plus shipping (can be international). The prizes can be gift certificates or pearls. You are very welcome to sponsor a contest! The pre-contests have a higher prize value (1000 SEK + 700 SEK + 400 SEK).
* You may add lottery prizes or gift certificates and/or a pattern of your own design to all participants if you want to.

The prizes will be shipped to the winners directly, i.e. not through Kerstin.
One participant fee is included for all gold sponsors!

* 4 lottery prizes or gift certificates of 150 SEK each, plus shipping or Patterns of your own design to all participants.
The prizes will be shipped to the winners directly, i.e. not through Kerstin.

* Lottery prizes, including shipping. The number of prizes and their value is up to you, but the total value should be at least 400 SEK.

Everyone doesn't have the possibility to sponsor on the levels above. If you have other things you want to sponsor with, you write it in the sign up form in the field Other. However, this choice will not guarantee you a place as a participant on Beadalong.

Before and during Beadalong, we want to additionally inspire our participants with different contest. Some contests will be a traditional pre-contest where the entries will be made at home and submitted on arrival. Possibly there will also be quick challenges that will not be published before the event.

The prizes are optional, for example gift cards in your shop, bead packs or something else that connects with beading. The value of the prizes shall be at least 400, 300, 150 and 150 SEK per contest. If you want to sponsor for a bigger value, of course you can! The pre-contests will have a higher value of the prizes: 1000, 700 and 400 SEK. We choose which sponsors can sponsor the contests among those who have declared an interest.

We will have a number of workshops during the weekend where the participants get the chance to learn something new and take interest in new techniques. Here you have a possibility to show what you have in your shop that fits the specific technique and workshop. The sponsors can also hold your own workshop. Write this in your application if you are interested!

For inquires regarding sponsoring, contact Kerstin Kallin on

Here is the link to the sponsor form