About the bead meet

Beadalong! An intense, joyful weekend in Stockholm with focus on jewelrymaking in September 25-27 2020.

This year Beadalong will be a digital event that allows you to participate with a computer from wherever you are. We will have workshops running all weekend for you to enjoy. Each workshop class will allow for 12 participants. Some workshops will be held in Swedish and some in English.

Besides workshops, Beadalong will host live events where we will raffle prizes provided by our sponsors and video chat rooms where you can get together with old and new friends to bead together. There will also be contests arranged during the weekend.

This year we will also open up for younger beaders (11-15 year) to participate in the Beadalong Junior. Please note that all workshops for juniors will be held in Swedish.

Who can participate?
You can be a beginner or expert, anyone is welcome. You just need to be over 16 years old and be able to work independently.

To participate in Beadalong Junior you need an adult nearby to help you prepare the materials to the workshops, but the Junior projects will be customized to younger beaders.

Beadalong 2020 is a digital event. It is wherever you want it to be.

How much does it cost?
Entry to Beadalong is 130 SEK (see approximate price in USD or EUR). Each workshop has its own pricing for patterns and kits which is payed to the workshop leader.

For Beadalong Junior participants - younger than 16 years - the entry fee is 50 SEK (USD or EUR). Each workshop has its own pricing for patterns and kits which is payed to the workshop leader.

Kerstin Kallin, Organizer of Beadalong

Kerstin Kallin has attended most of the big bead meetings in Sweden, and has organized Beadalong since 2015.
She runs her own business Kronbruden. Bridal crowns is her speciality, but she also give classes, write patterns and make jewelry from recycled material under the brand refo by Kronbruden. She is also a member of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad.

VAT registration number SE760813780301
Bankgiro 262-1621 (Kerstin Kallin)

Contact: kerstin@beadalong.se